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W Swoim Żywiole (In My Element) is a tongue-in-cheek blog of a vagabond. Originally from Poland, I set off a few years ago in search of a place I could call home. Since then, I have been exploring the world, learning about life, and collecting experiences. I lived in the Land of Midnight Sun and a Thousand Lakes, Finland, where I hunted the Northern Lights, enjoyed wilderness of Lapland, slept in a tent 400 kilometres above the Arctic Circle, and ate terrible Finnish sausages in a company of reindeers. Three years ago, I changed cold Scandinavian forests for modern buildings of tropical Singapore, where I live and work to date. Southeast Asia is definitely not my final destination. Traveling is my passion which I follow whenever I get a chance. As a nature lover, I hunt for secluded and intact lands, what nowadays is a challenge. I promote ecotourism, i.e., responsible traveling and conservation of environment.

U podnóża Vatnajökull (ten czarny pył na lodzie to pamiątka po pamiętnym wybuchu Eyjafjallajökull, pamiętacie to?)

Vatnajökull, Iceland

The Blog

I started the blog in October 2014. It focuses mostly on Finland and Southeast Asia, but you will find here stories from all over the word – Scandinavia, India, and Caribbean, to begin with. I write about my adventures and expat’s live with humor (often black), I play with stereotypes and do not avoid hyperboles. I believe my readers are smart enough to tell reality from absurd. The travel posts usually include a (serious) practical part that provides information, tips and advice. The most popular series of posts on the blog is Finnish Oddities (90 000 visits).

Average web data from 2016 (according to Google Analytics):

Views: 5 000 per month

Users: 3 000 per month

Sessions: 3 300 per month


Facebook followers: 1 750

Instagram followers: 750

I run the blog in Polish and I do not intend to explore any other linguistic territories at the time being. I enjoy playing with words and my mother tongue is the only one that gives me enough freedom and space for it. That said, I plan to translate a few practical posts into English, i.e., „How to travel cheap in Finland”.

Guadeloupe, Caribbean islands

Guadeloupe, Caribbean Islands


I am interested in any form of collaboration, but I especially value those allowing me to expand my readership. I will gladly share my photos and articles on certain conditions. I can write new articles, including reviews. I will be happy to promote interesting regions and attractions. What limits me is respect to my readers – I will not promote things I am not interested in myself.

If you would like to contact me (for whatever reason), please email me at:

Lapland, Finland

Lapland, Finland

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